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The Peace Garden at The Grotto has two ponds, one with this babbling brook. Jaime Dunkle/PSU Vanguard
  • I wrote about devouring a dried scorpion at the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum in the “Bug Eater’s Delight
  • Some investigation uncovers where Witch’s Castle in Forest Park, the moss-covered structure near where Lower Macleay and Wildwood trails meet, gets its name: “Double, double toil and trouble


My first time in the City of Light: “Paris smashes stereotypes

During my tour with Parisian friends (summer, 2014), we admired the architecture of the famed Palais de Louvre, with history dating back to the middle ages, according to the official Louvre website. Its entrance, the Pyrmaid du Louvre, is a glass pyramid built by I. M. Pei. It first opened on March 30, 1989, according the Louvre website. Jaime Dunkle/PSU Vanguard.
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