Jaime Dunkle mixes the profound and profane in her prose with an altruism that stems from her tenure as an award-winning journalist. Her stories range from fiction to personal narrative and often blur between the two. Her columns, new-journalism essays, fiction, and screenplays center on the paradox of absurdity and drama.

Jaime’s comedic screenplay, Shuttlecock, won the finalist round in the Willamette Writers FilmLab 2021 contest and landed her a seat in a legit writers room guided by acclaimed showrunner Daphne Pollon. Jaime’s collection of flash fiction, Stripped, reached the semifinalist round for the 2019 Open Reading Period in Fiction at YesYes Books, and the book is now in the process of becoming a novel of stories. Her short story Pain Flowers was published on the CLASH Media website in 2017. You can read her personal essays column, “Love in a Plain Brown Envelope,” and her flash-fiction excerpts from her forthcoming book, Stripped, in Exotic magazine online and in print from 2016 to present day. Other scribbles are posted here on her website. 

Jaime has performed raw memoir and magical tales of depravity at Show & Tell Gallery, Salon Skid Row, Get Nervous, Tony’s Talkin’ To, Gilbert Road Grotesque, Small Press Night at the Mercado, Let’s Talk About Sex, and Grief Rites. She also curated the all-ages literary read, Donut Mind Readers.

Jaime broadcasted surreal stream of consciousness and melancholic poetry on KBOO Radio and occasionally directed, wrote, and acted in ritual theater and performance art as a youth and young adult. Her literary debut was an advice column in a now-defunct strip-club magazine called Uncovered. She went on to write counter-culture interviews for Suicide Girls and reported for news organizations such as The Oregonian and Digital Trends.

Jaime also dabbled in stand-up and sketch comedy and considers herself a humorist.

Jaime spent her early childhood in Palm Beach County, Florida and moved with friends to the Pacific Northwest as a rebellious teen where she survived homelessness and drug addiction before adulthood. She eventually earned a B.A. in English with minors in French and writing and graduated cum laude from Portland State University where she also completed the Media Fellows program, participated in the Model U.N., worked in education abroad and volunteered at the Women’s Resource Center. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon. In her spare time, she rakes leaves at the Henjyoji Shingon Buddhist Temple where she lends her communications and diplomacy expertise to keep herself grounded in compassion and community.

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  1. Hi Jaime – Erica Heartquist here from KGW Newschannel 8. I heard & read about your push to turn Kurt Cobain’s house into a museum and wanted to see if you’d be willing to chat with me about it on camera? We’d love to do a story on it… perhaps we can help you? My email is: eheartquist@kgw.com would love to hear from you when you get a sec 🙂

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