Love in a Plain Brown Envelope

Love in a Plain Brown Envelope is my monthly column in Exotic magazine. I usually stick to personal narrative essays but sometimes experiment with automatic writing and stream of consciousness.

For your reading pleasure, please use the drop-menu under this tab because my column pages are revised and in text format there.

If you can’t be bothered, below are links to everything for this column published in Exotic magazine, on their site, in JPG format.

June 2017: Sauvie Island Flesh Pretzel

May 2017: Cry, Baby, Cry

April 2017: Ca$h Me Ousside, Literally

March 2017: A Hate/Love Letter to Florida

January 2017: The Phallusy of Brospeak

December 2016: Thank You, I Quit

October 2016: The Piss Test (page 1 & page 2)

September 2016: Back to Pole School (page 1 & page 2)