Social Media Mind Warp, Days 3-4

8-Circuit Brain by meeeeee

I caved and posted on social media today. But I didn’t re-download the apps! So that’s a win. And I didn’t check accounts on a web browser constantly all day, so that’s an even bigger win!

Two side effects of blurring into myself instead of outside of myself online have stood out to me in the last two days.

  1. I’m craving more sweets, like a lot more, and I typically don’t have a sweet tooth. This corroborates research that shows social media use (dependance, let’s be honest) increases addiction to dopamine because consuming sugar releases hits of dopamine in the brain. Today, I realized I have ingested more sugary treats in the last four days than I have in the last four months. I’m not even kidding. Once I figured this out, I forced myself to reprogram my brain by looking up recipes for healthy snacks that I typically eat instead of pure junk. I hope mindful eating reminders help me stop eating poorly as I recalibrate away from freebasing dopamine from Meta’s verse.
  2. I don’t like going straight home after work. Usually, that’s all I want to do aside from practice aikido at the dojo most days. But lately, I don’t even want to go home after the dojo. I feel like I need to be around humans, even if it’s random strangers at an izakaya spot.

After recognizing these two results of kicking ceaseless social media abuse, I figured out that the answer to navigating this withdrawal is to return to my eight-circuit brain practices. I wrote extensively on the subject before the pandemic and several of my essays were published. I think it’s time to resurface the experiment as a way to thwart the ill effects from restoring healthy dopamine levels that were put into extreme overdrive from years of incessant social media-ing.

I guess this blog will now morph into an analysis of social media withdrawals and steering away from the harmfulness by applying eight-circuit brain methods centered on budo and Buddhism.

More soon…

One thought on “Social Media Mind Warp, Days 3-4

  1. As usual, good on you. I took aikido for a yearjust as I was beginning my standup career. Though I only studied a short time what I learned about body and spirit has been with me for decades.

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