On Becoming a Buddhist

Wrote a seed for an essay in Bob Balmer’s humor in writing workshop via Willamette Writers. Then added the other bits in response to convos online started by sharing the first line. I’ll post the full essay once it’s ready.

What no one tells you about becoming a Buddhist is that it’s like being trapped in a Porta Potty full of your own shit, but you keep telling yourself it’s everyone else’s crap.

So you eat your own toxic waste, fling it at your favorite people, and eventually learn to sort it out because we all know a Porta Potty doesn’t flush, it fills.

Before descending into a nihilistic hell loop, rest assured, I have good news! All that caca fertilizes food for the body and mind.

Let’s remember: flowers spring forth from manure! All things transform with time. Death sustains life.

My friends, even maggots need love.

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