On a pathway only tread upon by the few

Deep in a dark wood where Forever fills the sky

Creatures laugh and dance in the shadows, glowing through the twilight dew

Once, I landed there by mistake and cried

Not dead but awakened, I rose as if in a dream

That darkness had me shaken to the very core of my being

I climbed through the many faces and gestures: an endless seeking

Until I reached a garden full of jasmine and rose

And the scent of the sadness of things lingered: a mysterious ghost

As I fell deep into sorrow’s trance,

I understood only for a moment where all secrets burned, askance

Right there, in the brilliant sparks of your eyes!

The aeons cried out unto me and threw me back unto you: Wide awake!

Arise! Arise!

A poem I wrote on Friday, May 18, 2001 at 4:18 a.m. on the back of an alchemical postcard I never mailed.

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