Short Story: Hues of Fear


This story is dedicated to Phil Western. He helped me edit the content, namely the kill scene, which made for a richer story. He had an unmatched sense of aesthetic and truly understood mood, tone and pace in literature. He was first and foremost a musician, but he was also quite literary. When I went to his home it reminded me of my own: stacks of books were piled high in all directions. It wasn’t widely known, but Phil was working on a memoir when I met him. In fact, I may have been the only one who knew because he was intensely timid about his writing, even though the quality was exceptional – his love for literature shone through in his ability. He sent me a few excerpts and asked my opinion, clearly mortified I’d trash it. But it was gold! I immediately encouraged him to pursue the authorship of an autobiography. I wish I had continuously asked for more pieces because I’d edit and publish it, posthumously. I still have the excerpts and plan to craft them into something when the grief subsides.

About the Story

Hues of Fear exposes the quintessential narcissistic predator in any goth scene, but particularly takes place in mid-90s Miami. Clayton, an elitist parasite, feeds on the desperation of scenesters. Literally. Emotional energies manifest in delectable streams, invisible to others, for him to savor. His favorite dish: the hues of fear. Chronically hungry and horny, Clayton seduces a fangirl and devours her psychical energies while killing time to stalk his favorite androgynous club-goers. Although fiction, this story is based on actual people I’ve encountered. Beyond the surface, it’s a social commentary on the paradox of depravity-desire in subcultural hierarchy.

Read the story: Hues of Fear

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