After two rejections, I don’t think I’m going to try to submit poetry to another publication ever again, so I’ll be posting the ones that were rejected this year.

I seldomly write poetry anyway, and these were slowly refined over the past seven years. Seven. Years.

I just don’t see the point in putting much effort into submissions when my focus is on essays, fiction, and screenwriting. You can just have them, if you want ’em.



A cracked mirror of liquified flesh
Burns holes in my chest–
A hexagram of ripped skin;
The pendulum shifts
Between skull and rib cage;
Confusion drains both
Of brain and blood;
The cavity oozes,
Sticky with disease.

One thought on “Incubus

  1. My very first money for writing came from a haiku that got published in “Science Of Mind” magazine. I never submitted another poem after that; thought it better to quit while I was ahead. Sounds like you’re ready to do the same. Your other efforts will be more rewarded than anything in the poetry world. Keep on truckin’! (I never used that expression when it was a thing)

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