Rejects: Old Notebooks



I’ll be going through more teen years archives and picking out the most unique looking pieces in terms of physical composition/execution. Admittedly, the prose is a bit insufferable and just plain bad, but I still enjoy the way I wrote these, aesthetically. I don’t know when or why I stopped writing in experimental patterns and shapes, but maybe it’s time to bring it back.

I really wish I had dated things in my youth. I’m not sure when I wrote the following, but I think it was around eighth grade, because I’m pretty sure I remember who it was about.


You’ve come to harm me? Well, I knew before you did. I find it terribly amusing; it was nearly five hours ago when you tried to be my lover like old times. Go ahead, beat upon my chest until my heart falls out. I dare you. You’ve already taken it without knowing. Rip the flesh from my face. Drink my blood from your silver cup. Suffer as I have. I am no longer frightened by your threats. I chuckle with a mouth full of glass. Remove your thoughts from my mind. They obviously have no meaning to you. Promises & lies. Nothing exists without your beauty? I weep, yet I shed no tears, for I know the truth. We can rule the world with our secrets. No disguises, liar.

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