Rejects: 1996 IX & X


Here’s the final round of the 1996 poems. If you’d like to read the series from start to finish, here are the links: 1996 I & II, 1996 III & IV, V & VI, VII & VIII.

1996 Part IX

Warm currents pool at your hips
& encircle your elastic flesh
Whirlpools wrap around your stiff body
Eyes still wide & squiggle w/ life
I admire your decayed beauty
I am hopelessly devoted

1996 Part X

Factory noise
& that calming stench of death
Billows from smoke stacks
Along the dusk streets I scan
With sacred junk on my mind
I’ve got a dry lip for it
My knees shake when it’s good
Nothing better than that sweet sensation
Passionflower veins
Instant oblivion
& yes, I do love that delayed effect,
When my eyes droop & flutter into my skull—
Lasts for a good five minutes,
Several times an hour
Lovely cringes;
Constant slow shocks & gut crushes,
Torso twists & cellular pleasure
Nodding off
Inside my glass world


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