Rejects: 1996 VII & VIII

Glorious Nothing by me, 2011

If you missed the context of these poems, please go back to the earlier Weekly Rejects blogs: 1996 I & II, III & IV, V & VI.

1996 Part VII
You refuse to drift with me
To this yet-to-be-corrupted
World of silence
I bet you love
Killing yourself

1996 Part VIII
& now I ask you to recognize your fears
& release any antagonistic, diseased belief

Fall upon my soft bosom
& let your tears run down my stomach
Smooth & sacred

A cold catharsis
No past regrets
Just the puss-squeezed realization
Of your own oozed filth

Our heads ache w/ mental block
Uncontrolled, impulsive

Break free
& escape thru
Your impatience

We’re all guilty of self-destruction



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