Rejects: 1996 V & VI

Fallen From the Sky

The 1996 poetry series continues with these contrasting poems that definitely reveal my young age at the time. I’m only just now processing how completely cynical I was even then, when I thought I was actually more hopeful than now.

I still can’t decide if I’m glad these survived my teen impulse to burn all my writings. The first one is supremely abstract, which makes the scholar in me cringe.

All self-criticism aside, these pieces are survivors. Like me. So I’ll at least respect that.

1996 Part V
Humanity destroys its own desires
& overestimates pity
No self-control, no stability,
Not even the realization
Of our own stupidity

1996 Part VI
Unbearable pain sexually attacks me
& forces its way into my glass world
I’m the only one left to combat you;
my secret fear
I caress your delicate face
Softly & without notice
Forgive me if I shatter your beauty
w/ a brutal blow to the cold concrete
Shatter your face, your eyes, your lips
I collect the pieces
& bring them back to my glass world
Each piece broken yet seamless
A puzzle that awaited its destruction
In a box it goes
Distant cries for reconstruction—
I laugh back because I’m spiteful
You never should’ve pretended


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