1996 III & IV


1996 Part III

I crack open my skull to remove all fabricated thoughts,
& inject layers of obscene observation
I take in long, smoke-filled breaths;
I taste sweet death on my tongue
I crawl cat-like across the coarse carpet
To confront the vicious dream man
Who destroyed my scentless fate
Several dimensions of senses shift
In rapid collision, without bloody mess
I sigh, the breath deep and painful;
I exhale a kaleidoscopic vision–
An illuminated patchwork of colors, metal, and subconscious
An icy serpent escapes through my esophagus
Stomach conquered & battles disrupt
Implodes like feelings—emotions
Shadows dance
I listen to the melodies of obnoxious roars of the fan,
The brainwashing mumbles of low-volume television,
& deep feelings shouted out
Hidden behind fits of anger
Denial. Blind and nowhere to return to,
No blessed home warm with welcome
& acceptance

1996 Part IV

I crouch on rotten wood steps
& listen to the insect jungle laughter
Moonlit shadows swing
With the wind, laughter grows louder
Injected neon creature flies
Glows its intoxicating poison
I begin to feel extremely plain
& without remarkable feature
Insignificant compared to this raving jungle
Of constant laughter

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