I have no idea how this website still gets hits–thank you internet peeps! I feel obligated to tell you what’s been going on in Jaime’s world.

I quit journalism and decided it’s best if I focus on creative writing. I’m grateful for the altruism, research, and objective observation journalism taught me, but I’m more excited to continue applying all of that to my personal narrative essays, fiction, and screenplays.

Exotic magazine has published my essays and flash fiction over the past few months, under the pseudonym Jaime Suicide, but I think I’ll start writing under my real name in December–still undecided.

I’ll post the archived articles soon and the new pieces as they come out. One is a personal narrative column called “Love in a Plain Brown Envelope,” and the other is a flash fiction teaser for the book I’m working on called Stripped in Pornland (no publisher for the collection…because I haven’t tried, yet).

Since going into website exile, I’ve also performed my creative writing in Portland at The Hour That Stretches, Salon Skid Row, Get Nervous, Tony’s Talkin’ To, Gilbert Road Grotesque, Small Press Night at the Mercado, and The Bunker Series. I try to read at least once a month or more. Feel free to contact me about it!

I guess I should get back to reorganizing this website. Bises!

P.S. I updated my bio.

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