Nine Inch Nails: music from the future, for the future

I finally saw Nine Inch Nails!

Underworld Press

I could list every technological marvel NIN used to enhance their stage presence, but it would never replace the experience of watching them play inside abstract technicolor holograms of texture.

Impressions of analog static, binary code, and dream machine looking patterns encased the band.

Each sound was so crisp that the music crystallized in every cell of my body.

“I’m convinced the NIN crew consists of not only top-notch musicians and artists, but cutting-edge experimental scientists tinkering with time machines. It was like they teleported from 2525 just to perform this tour.”

Find out my biggest NIN related regret and read the rest of my review at the PSU Vanguard

Watch these clips of the show to get a taste of what you missed:

Here’s the raw footage for “The Wretched” and “Even Deeper” from Brian Brookins’ cell phone:

They were so heavy. Here’s “Somewhat Damaged” and “Wish”:

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One comment

  1. I saw them in ’95 when they toured with David Bowie and a year earlier at Woodstock ’94…there were so many people crowded on the field to see them that my body was lifted off the ground and I’m a pretty large guy. The crowd would surge and take me with it, it was like being in an ocean made of people. Probably the closest I’ve ever come to a “religious experience.”

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