Forest Park rest area laden with folklore

Could it be I found some inspiration again?

Underworld Press

Here’s the published version of my most recent article which I approached as a column: Hiking to Witch’s Castle in Portland.

Here’s what I turned in, uncut:

A simple hike turns into quest for origin of structure’s moniker, Witch’s Castle

No Lovecraftian tentacles peered out from the shadows as I had expected — well, hoped — except the random gnarled root sticking out from the pale, muddied earth, obstructing the trail, mocking me.

Allegedly, this part of Forest Park in Northwest Portland, Macleay Park, is home to nightly haunting. A blood-soaked dispute between the Balch and Stump families, who lived in the park area, resulted in two deaths, according to the Portland Parks and Recreation website.

None of the official history suggests anything witchy to denote the nickname Witch’s Castle, a rest area where the Lower Macleay Trail meets the Wildwood Trail, almost a mile from the Macleay Park…

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