My latest article predicts director Jason Trost will soon rank cult status

From left to right, Cutthroat (Lucas Till), The Wall (Lee Valmassy), Charge (Jason Trost), and Shadow (Sophie Merkley) as seen in All Superheroes Must Die. Till was also one of the film’s producers, and he worked on Trost’s other new movie #WetAndReckless. Photo credit: Image Entertainment.

A new indie auteur is on the rise–Jason Trost–and he’s coming to Portland. I recently interviewed Trost for my article in the PSU Vanguard.

I think when you start trying to make movies for other people, that is when your career falls apart. I know what I want; I can never pretend to know what anyone else wants, that’s impossible.” –Trost during our interview.

Trost was so fun to chat with online! He’ll be at Mt. Tabor Theater, along with Lucas Till,  to show his newest release All Superheroes Must Die  and the award-winning movie he co-directed, co-wrote and starred in, The FP. You can meet him there, and ask him whatever you think I left out, during the Q&A after each film.

If you haven’t already, check out my article to read our interview and venue details: Future Cult Classics Come To Portland.

Jason Trost as JTRO in The FP, a film he co-directed with his brother Brandon. The FP will be showing at the Mt. Tabor Theater in the lounge on the 23rd followed by a live Q&A with Trost. Photo credit: Drafthouse Films.

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