Now that I have motivation, can I please have some time?

Santa-SickThe past two weeks have been hell on my body and mind. I had food poisoning on Christmas, thanks to The Grove in Milwaukie, Oregon.

I called them and told them about it, and their manager basically argued with me saying, “We don’t leave our food out. We go through our food fast.” I told her that I ate the daily special and then woke up violently ill about three or four hours later. She then told me there was no way it was from that, so I told her it had to be because that’s all I had eaten since earlier in the morning. After aggressively arguing with me for several minutes she bluntly asked, “What do you want?” I told her that I wanted nothing, but she offered me a certificate anyway, yet I refused. “Just please let your cooks know,” I said. Confused, she still gave me an attitude for a moment, and then finally simmered down and said she would let them know. I won’t even go into the appalling details of Christmas day. Still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth–Merry Christmas!

Now I am full of neon snot–stupid cold. Of course I got sick on my final days off before school starts–Happy New Year!

I have four minutes to decide what my favorite book is right now, and post the first sentence of it for the daily prompt via The Daily Post.

I tried, but I don’t have a favorite since most of them are my favorites for different reasons. One minute left before I have to get ready for work…Ah!

2140006758_5b695d3342_zI am currently re-reading Douglas Coupland’s Shampoo Planet. This book made me want to seriously pursue writing when I first read it around age 14.

“My mother, Jasmine, woke up this morning to find the word D-I-V-O-R-C-E written in mirror writing on her forehead with a big black felt pen.”

I can’t believe the impact of that first sentence! It really conveys his flow and word choice, which makes his writing so comfortable to read, even when the content is tragic.

I’m only eight minutes past schedule! It’s worth it. Off to my stepping-stone day job. Until next time…JD


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